SAP’s Dante Ricci on big data

Dante Ricci, senior director, public sector, SAP, discusses big data and government in this interview with FedScoopTV.


“When you start out with a big-data strategy, it has to be around how you can help the citizens better, how you can be a better steward of the taxpayer’s money? So, I would combine a business-thinking approach and a design-thinking approach, creating a persona in the end user of a citizen or an internal person working for my organization, and what type of insights do they need to glean. Then, of course, that needs to be prioritized with the other use cases that you have, the other personas that you develop and understand around big-data use cases. The way you should prioritize them is the public value that you can get from creating an initiative like that. Can I utilize my current data in the structure that is in place and can I create more value and glean new insights that will help my citizens or help my particular mission?”

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