Hack the Marine Corps

U.S. Marine Corps SSgt Michael George, USCENTCOM cybersecurity technician (Left), and U.S. Marine Corps SSgt. William Berotte, USCENTCOM cybersecurity technician (Right), demonstrate how simple it is to “hack” on older computer operating system at the USCENTCOM cybersecurity awareness expo, October 26, 2017. (Photo by Thomas Gagnier/ U.S. Central Command Public Affairs)

Hack the Marine Corps awards more than $151K in bug bounties

Ethical hackers uncovered more than 150 vulnerabilities, netting more than $151,000 in awards during the two-week cyber challenge.
Marines sit at a Joint Tactical Common Operation Picture Workstation, or JTCW. The Marine Corps opened up a bug bounty to find flaws in public facing Marine Corps systems.

Marines launch bug bounty at Las Vegas event

The Hack the Marine Corps program launched Aug. 12 with a live hacking event in Las Vegas.