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Achieve equitable and secure access to citizen services with identity proofing

This past year we’ve become an increasingly remote and mobile society because of the pandemic, and citizens are demanding access to more digital services from their government agencies. Unfortunately, this shift also leaves organizations vulnerable to greater cyber risk, which is causing many leaders to reconsider how they verify identity.

Blake Hall, CEO for ID.me — a company specializing in making identity verification secure and accessible to everyone — joins Scoop News Group to discuss how federal and state agencies can improve citizen access through portable identity proofing.

In an exclusive interview, Hall explores some of the security challenges government agencies are facing as they look to implement citizen identity verification and looks at examples of how modern digital identity verification can ensure equitable access to government resources.

Watch the full interview with Blake Hall and learn more about how states are improving citizen benefits programs and reducing fraud instances.

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and underwritten by ID.me.