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Capitalizing on 5G across a hybrid IT environment

As government agencies transport more data to and from and across their hybrid and multi-cloud environments, they are working on how to best capitalize on 5G wireless network capabilities. 

In a new interview, Jim Poole, VP of business development for Equinix, and Lamont Copeland, managing director for federal solutions architecture at Verizon, spoke with FedScoop about how public sector leaders can adjust their network investment strategies as the nation and government moves to embrace 5G.

Copeland explains that with many different endpoints now creating more stress on networks, agencies are faced with how to improve connectivity, productivity and visibility amid all the data they are generating from all the different inputs. Poole also highlights how partners like Equinix and Verizon can help agencies simplify the interconnection between hybrid multi-clouds and private IT infrastructure with access to a secure, high-quality private network.

Learn more about navigating a hybrid IT environment with faster connectivity and visibility. 

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and FedScoop and underwritten by Verizon