Census launches API; mobile app coming


The Census Bureau launched its first public application programming interface for developers on Thursday and next week will debut its first mobile app, the agency announced.

The API will provide both 2010 Census and American Community Survey statistics for every neighborhood in the country and is part of the agency goal to further open its data.

The agency has tested the API in beta form that past two months that fits into the information-centric approach outlined in the recently released Federal Digital Strategy.

The app, “America’s Economy,” will let economists, planners and policy makers have greater access to key indicators about the health of the American economy.

“This customer-centric approach combines numbers from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of Labor Statistics to create a better view of our constantly changing economy and markets,” said the bureau’s Stephen Buckner.

The app will be available for both Android and iOS smart phone and tablet users. Two additional apps will launch later this year.

“The point is, while we are genuinely excited about some of the changes we’re making to, they’re all meaningless if they don’t meet the needs of our users,” Buckner said. “We greatly appreciate and encourage your feedback at, and hope to construct a new site worthy of your daily interest and explorations.”