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DOL and Socure IT experts highlight the rising role of identity verification

Supporting workers is the core mission of the Department of Labor. “Whether it’s job seekers, retirees, current workers or [responding to] working conditions, making sure they have the ability and the access to do what they need to do” is critical. Having a robust, efficient and secure identify-verification system in place is critical to that effort, says Karl Hellmann, the Labor Department’s deputy chief information security officer, in a new StateScoop video panel interview.

However, as agencies continue to invest in upgrading and centralizing their enterprise identity and access management systems, it’s also essential that those systems meet several critical requirements today, adds Jordan Burris, vice president of public sector strategy at Socure, recognized by Forrester as a leader in identify verification. It’s important not only for government agencies to operate at scale and with greater agility but also to deal with the increasing threat of fraud from those attempting to exploit government benefits programs.

Hellmann and Burris discuss the pressing challenges of identity verification in the digital age; for Hellman, that includes the need for secure and efficient verification methods to protect sensitive personal data. At the same time, he stresses that modern identity verification systems must strike a balance between security and user convenience to ensure a smooth user experience. Hellmann notes that the Labor Department now has more than 100 internal and external-facing systems that support a single sign-on capability to verify the identity of users accessing DOL data.

As agencies continue to invest in their identity verification systems, it’s increasingly important that those systems can leverage AI and machine learning to enhance the accuracy of identity verification, Burris notes. It’s also critical to have systems that can adapt quickly to evolving fraud techniques and stay ahead of cyber threats.

Both experts agreed on the significance of collaboration between government agencies and technology companies.

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