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Fighting fraud with modern identity verification platforms

The growing use of synthetic identities and fake accounts and the rising threat of fraudulent activities are a growing concern for government agencies at all levels.

“As the largest state identity issuer with over 31 million unique identities that we own and manage for the state of California, it’s really a big issue,” says Ajay Gupta, chief digital transformation officer for the Executive Division of the California DMV, in a new FedScoop video panel interview. “We often are in the beginning of this fraud cycle as well — and have to manage it for our residents, for our business, and even for our other state partners, departments and commercial entities too.”

As threats continue to evolve and fraudsters get smarter and use new tactics and techniques to commit fraud, modern identity verification platforms are essential for government agencies servicing their constituents.

“We need to look to solutions that both balance and apply purposeful friction and maximize the customer experience for the good people that are trying to access these services,” says Matthew Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, public sector, at Socure.

Modern solutions can improve the user experience while better protecting agencies by explaining why an identity transaction is being marked as good or fraudulent, empowering government leaders to make informed decisions.

Both Gupta and Thompson offered recommendations to other government IT leaders on effectively leveraging modern identity platforms to fight fraud. One is to prioritize it.

“Digital identity is critical infrastructure for how you’re enabling trust in your digital experiences and service delivery — it is how you’re securing the identities of your constituents,” says Thompson. “And so it needs to be treated with that level of care.”

In addition, they stressed the importance of getting educated, whether that’s understanding privacy laws and the costs of fraud, familiarizing themselves with the various identity solutions in the market, and performance-testing solutions before selecting and onboarding vendors.

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