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Improving the employee ‘user experience’ platform

Last year, the Biden administration released an executive order for federal agencies to take concrete steps to improve the customer experience for American citizens. But what got less attention — and still often gets overlooked — is the user experience of government agency employees working on federal systems to support the public, says Casey Coleman, senior VP, global government solutions for Salesforce.

Coleman, a former CIO at the General Services Administration, talks with FedScoop in a new video interview about ways agencies can improve the online user experience for federal employees.  

She explains how the employee experience has been an afterthought in IT modernization. “We think a lot about the citizen, the customer, the public, but for that experience to be successful, employees have to have the tools needed to be equipped and empowered to do the job and carry out the mission. That means thinking about the employee experience first,” Coleman says.

She also highlights a couple of use cases, including one department that tackled this issue by creating a mobile app that automated the steps for new employee onboarding. Another department created a platform to connect in-office and remote workers better. 

Watch the full interview for more insights on improving the employee experience.  

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and FedScoop and underwritten by Salesforce.