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Modernizing the civil service workforce

To succeed in a competitive world, the government must close gaps in mission-critical knowledge and skills, equip the workforce with cutting-edge technology and provide agile organizational structures. While federal agencies have taken significant steps to better support civil servants over the past two years, officials need to give greater attention to modernizing the way they attract, train and retain talent to meet the new demands and expectations of the American public, says a talent expert.

Government agencies have invariably had difficulty matching private-sector compensation packages, especially for more technical jobs. But a strategy they can take when recruiting is to create incentives that add enthusiasm for potential candidates to want to bring their knowledge to the organization, says Erica Ford, principal for people advisory services at EY in a new FedScoop interview.

Ford highlights how agencies can offset preconceptions of government work and explains ways to rethink and reposition what it means to be a public servant. Whether it’s streamlining the application process or restructuring compensation/benefits models, there are many ways agencies can modernize and reinvigorate the workforce.

Learn more about how EY is helping agency leaders to modernize civil service.

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and FedScoop and underwritten by EY.