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OPM, Cisco and ThunderCat Technology lead the charge in modernizing tech for hybrid work

The shift towards hybrid work has government agencies scrambling to adapt their technology. From juggling countless phone systems to securing remote access for a scattered workforce, agencies like the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) found themselves at the intersection of necessity and innovation, prompting a rapid consolidation of productivity tools and a reevaluation of traditional work paradigms.

Guy Cavallo, OPM CIO, joined FedScoop recently and talked about how the agency faced the challenge of disparate productivity tools, prompting a swift consolidation onto a single enterprise productivity tool. Cavallo explained that this move not only streamlined operations during the pandemic but also paved the way for an expanded hiring strategy.

The success of remote work opened the door to question the necessity of having all OPM employees physically present in offices, leading to a broader, more flexible hiring approach. “Our strategy is that we’ll be able to support workers wherever they are without moving people across the country,” Cavallo said.

Rahul Dubey, director of product management for Cisco, and Paul Ghattas, solutions architect for ThunderCat Technology, added their perspectives on the critical importance technology partnerships provide in addressing the unique needs of government agencies in their modernization journeys. As these agencies navigate the challenges of establishing agile, secure and collaborative IT environments for a hybrid workforce, they stress that both experiences and recommendations from industry leaders provide valuable guidance for federal IT leaders charting their course toward the future of work.

Watch the full panel and learn more about enabling a hybrid workforce.

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