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Exploring strategies for evolving work environments

Government agencies are adopting technology strategies to support hybrid work environments better, aiming to enhance talent acquisition, retention, and operational resilience. In a new panel discussion, tech leaders from industry and government share key insights into optimizing IT strategies for the hybrid workforce. 

In a move towards more flexible, sustainable and secure work environments, TD Synnex Public Sector Director of Market Intelligence Lloyd McCoy highlights what he believes should be government agencies’ priorities. He underlines the significance of cloud solutions and virtual desktop infrastructure, which are pivotal in ensuring secure and stable remote access to data and applications. The integration of scalable cloud services not only enhances data accessibility but also supports device-agnostic solutions, effectively addressing cybersecurity challenges associated with hybrid work models. Standard practices such as adopting zero-trust architectures, continuous updates, and multi-factor authentication are emphasized for securing data in hybrid environments.

Sharing Maryland’s challenges and remote work adjustments, the Secretary for the Dept. of IT and the state’s CIO, Katie Savage, stresses the centralization of cybersecurity management and ensuring consistent cyber strategies across diverse agencies. Additionally, she underscores the importance of user-centered design, emphasizing personas to create user-friendly and accessible solutions.

“We’re trying to focus on making things user-friendly and accessible…If we’re in this very distributed environment, and whether or not you’re in the office, we can’t be reliant on manuals, training and sitting shoulder to shoulder with someone; we need to design things that are intuitive. And that comes from a focus on upfront discovery, user experience, user testing, prototyping, etc. That’s a somewhat new practice in Maryland, and I’m excited to bring it into the state,” she says.

Because the cloud was a significant enabler for agencies to keep operating during the pandemic and with remote work, ThunderCat’s CTO for Cloud, Nic Perez, discusses the ongoing challenges in agencies’ cloud adoption. Security concerns, data classification, compliance, cost management, and a skills gap in cloud infrastructure management remain significant hurdles. He stresses the importance of collaboration between solution providers, like Thundercat Technology, and distributors, such as TD Synnex Public Sector, to offer a holistic approach to addressing these challenges.

In response to the challenges public sector customers face, McCoy and Perez discuss how their collaboration helps agencies navigate the complexities of cloud adoption. Together, they bridge compliance gaps, optimize budgets, and enhance overall security postures, providing tailored cloud solutions to federal agencies.

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This video panel discussion was produced by Scoop News Group, for FedScoop, and underwritten by ThunderCat Technology.