Agencies see nearly $700 million in savings through Networx

The General Services Administration’s Networx program helped save more than $678 million in taxpayer dollars. According to GSA, the program, which focuses on telecommunications and network service purchases, slashed an average of 35 percent off regular prices.

Bill Lewis, integrated technology service’s program manager for GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, said the results prove what GSA can do for taxpayers when they works with federal agencies to consolidate the purchasing process.

“The Networx program also makes it easier for federal agencies to modernize operations and keep pace with advances in technology,” he said. “Federal agencies are buying higher-capacity, cost-effective and flexible services through Networx.

Networx is a series of contracts established and overseen by GSA, and used by the government to buy most network services. Rather than having hundreds of separate contracts for telecom purchases, Networx consolidates that process. In 2013 alone, more than $1.3 billion was spent by agencies on these types of services.


“Through Networx, federal agencies are also getting more for their money by receiving expanded services at much lower prices,” Lewis said. “Since 2007, government use of telecom and network services has increased 800 percent; but thanks to GSA Networx, the total cost for all those services has only increased by 43 percent.”

GSA also is helping agencies manage agencies expenses, by providing a single system for every agency using Networx. Its system manages millions of billing and inventory records in a centralized system.

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