DoD Offering $100,000 in UAV Challenge

The Department of Defense is offering a $100,000 prize for people to design advanced small unmanned air vehicle systems.

The competition, known as the UAVForge Challenge, employs a crowdsourcing approach to collaboration for individuals and ad hoc teams to submit ideas, designs, algorithms and materials to create the next generation of UAVs.

The website provides a virtual environment and tools to bring together the best ideas. The competition will end with a live fly off to determine the best design.


  • Up to ten teams will receive travel, lodging, and per diem expenses for up to five team members to participate in the competition fly-off, with expenses not to exceed $15,000 (USD) per team.
  • The competition fly-off winner will be awarded a $100,000 prize and work collaboratively with the UAVForge manufacturer to fabricate an initial lot of up to 15 systems to be delivered to DARPA for evaluation and experimentation.
  • The competition fly-off winner will be provided an opportunity to demonstrate their air vehicle in a 2012 operational exercise. Up to five team members are invited to participate and will be paid travel, lodging, and per diem expenses in support of the event.

Visit or details.

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