FedWire: AF furloughs, Obama’s tech pledge and NARA’s new CHCO

2013_04_fedwire2001FedWire is FedScoop’s afternoon roundup of news and notes from the federal IT community. Send your links and videos to

OMB releases mid-session review 2014.

Air Force leaders stand behind civilians during furloughs.

Solar Impulse lands in New York.


Open-gov group: It’s time for electronic filing bill to become law.

The 49th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

FLOTUS does a Google Hangout from South Africa.

NARA taps new chief human capital officer.

GAO: Air Force needs to evaluate changes in funding for civilians engaged in space acquisition.


FCC’s Open Internet Advisory Committee meeting takes place tomorrow.

Obama on technology: ‘We can’t just stand on the sidelines’

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