GSA Creates Tool to Help Agencies Manage Vehicles

The General Services Administration launched its Vehicle Allocation Methodology last week that is aimed at helping agencies determine the optimal size of their vehicle fleet, the agency announced.

The tool works with the Obama Administration’s goal of all federal vehicle purchases to be alternative fuel vehicles by 2015 and to help agencies meet the required 30 percent decrease in oil consumption by 2020.

“As one of the largest vehicle fleet operators in the country, the federal government can lead by example to move our nation toward a clean energy economy and realize cost-savings through avoided fleet petroleum consumption costs,” said GSA Chief of Staff Michael Robertson. “This tool takes the savings we achieved through improving the fuel efficiency of the federal fleet and advancing the federal hybrid fleet to the next level by providing agencies with what the need to make the most cost and fuel efficient decisions for the size and composition of their fleet.”

Agencies will then use this VAM to develop and submit to GSA a fleet management plan describing how the agency will achieve its optimal fleet inventory. Each management plan will include a schedule for the agency to follow in order to achieve its optimal fleet inventory, including plans for acquiring all AFVs by 2015, the agency said.


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