IBM’s Mark Gruzin on government agility
Mark Gruzin, vice president, U.S. Federal Software Group, IBM, discusses government agility in this interview with FedScoopTV.


When we first thought about this a year ago about having the event, we felt it was very important to us to help government agencies to think about doing things faster, quicker, doing more with less. And typically when you use the word “agile” in our business, you think about agile development, which is obviously a very important concept that is used in the market today, or maybe agile acquisition, which is faster acquisition. When we thought about this concept of agile government summit, it was more about helping federal agencies and thought leaders getting insight into bringing solutions back to their citizens or constituents in a faster, more efficient, effective way. So our concept of agile is “how do we take advantage of what’s available on the market today and faster time to market, and faster value?” Obviously, by coming to a session like today is a great first step – being open to new concepts and new ideas, hearing from trailblazers and thought leaders in both academia and industry and government that have done some of these things, and looking at best practices.

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