MorningScoop: The Champs, SOTU and Monster Trucks

It’s been a pretty good two weeks to be a sports fan at the White House. President Obama has had a parade of sports champions: the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks visited on Jan. 9, MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals swung by on Jan. 17 and, yesterday, the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins made their visit. We’re not going to lie – we love it when teams visit the president at the White House. There’s just a kind of hokey pureness about it that we just find endearing.

We did some research and found that the first sports team to visit the White House was the 1865 Brooklyn Athletic baseball club who visited President Andrew Johnson (you know, the guy that replaced Abraham Lincoln). The invitations picked up under President Nixon in the late 1960s who attended college football games to garner support in hotly contested states. President Reagan really upped the ante, sending out invitations to the sports champions from the major sports with that number continually growing through today …

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David Stegon longs for the day when his beloved Pittsburgh Pirates visit the White House as World Series champions. He’s guessing it might take awhile. The MorningScoop posts each day at 6 a.m. with news from around the federal government. Submit news items to David at Follow him on Twitter (@davidstegon) and check back to for regular updates throughout the day.

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