CIO Council releases fed cybersecurity workforce report

The Chief Information Officers Council on Wednesday released the 2012 Information Technology Workforce Assessment for Cybersecurity that provides insight into the current federal civilian workforce with cybersecurity responsibilities.

Agencies and departments can now use the data can to assess their own IT workforce skills, identify skill gaps and appropriate training.

“The data collected under this assessment is crucial to informing strategic workforce planning and cybersecurity training programs at Federal agencies and will help inform efforts to ensure the Federal Government is capable of developing cybersecurity professionals to defend Federal systems and networks against growing cyber threats,” the council said.

Agencies used the ITWAC Reporting Tool to analyze data across several workforce develop topics, including current and optimal proficiency levels in different specialty areas, work experience, education, certifications and demographics. The ITWAC was coordinated by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education in conjunction with the CIO Council.


According to the CIO Council, nearly 23,000 employees from 52 federal departments and agencies completed the assessment.

2012 Information Technology Workforce Assessment for Cybersecurity (ITWAC) Summary Report

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