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Realizing the benefits of NaaS

As a government agency’s modernization journey evolves, network-as-a-service (NaaS) can enhance their ability to adopt new technologies. It’s essentially a platform that provides secure network resources and a cloud consumption model for an agency over time. It reduces the cost of connectivity and infrastructure and provides scalability and flexibility—including security, automation and visibility across the network platform, according to Verizon Director of Domain Specialist Ray Bauer.

“[NaaS] is a business model and enables digital evolution at scale,” he says. “It connects users to their application and the services they want—from IoT devices to network edge compute services. And it provides a scalable model for provisioning and budgeting for agencies, making it easy for them to transform,” he adds.

Bauer explains why the foundation for digital transformation is at the network level and says it’s imperative that “agencies think of the network first in their transformation journey because the decisions you make today, and the path that you set for your network, is going to ensure your success going into the future.”

With modernized networks being a vital part of zero-trust mandates and agencies continuing to move forward in their implementation journey, NaaS could offer improved security and connectivity. Bauer also explores what agencies should prioritize heading into 2023 regarding their networks and how to realize the full benefits of solutions like NaaS.

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Ray Bauer, Director of Domain Specialists, launched and directed a newly expanded specialist group focused on delivering mission-critical outcomes to public sector clients. He provides integrated end-to-end solutions leveraging an entire portfolio of Verizon-managed and professional services.