SSA Seeks 508 Compliance Testing Software

The Social Security Administration put out a request for proposal for automated software to support Section 508 compliance testing and monitoring for all agency-hosted web content.

From the RFP:

The Contractor shall be responsible for providing software that monitors, tests, and evaluates electronic content on the SSA Intranet and Internet. This requirement includes content hosted in development, validation and production environments. The software must also support both centralized scheduled monitoring and webmaster ad-hoc testing. The software shall analyze electronic content using pre-configured rules in order to produce reports on Section 508 issues for content owners and trend reports for managers. Further, the software must be installed by the Contractor and run on SSA provided servers and storage systems. The software must run entirely in the SSA environment (i.e. the software will not rely on hosted software services or content provided outside the SSA environment). In addition to providing software, the Contractor shall include three years of Technical Support and Software Maintenance. The Contractor shall also provide administrative consulting to SSA staff during this period.

Read the entire RFP.

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