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Advancing missions with low-code applications

As demands grow for faster service delivery and improved user experience, government agencies are turning to low-code applications for mission-critical situations to ramp up productivity.

Low-code platforms map the software development process on an interface that allows developers to write apps with a flow chart — using drag-and-drop components and model-driven logic — rather than coding.

In a recent panel discussion, hosted by FedScoop, Nicole Willis, chief technology officer for the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General, shares how a low-code application helped “to provide real-time updates and interaction around the impactful recommendations that OIG makes to the HHS operating divisions.”

“From a business perspective, it’s really allowed us to have immediate updates to the data and provide more visibility and transparency across the whole HHS organization,” Willis explains.

Joining Willis on the panel, Tom Frame, managing director for digital transformation at KPMG LLP adds that using a platform tool — like ServiceNow’s low-code platform — gives organizations the ability to embrace a more agile culture.

“When you look at agile delivery, you think of delivering minimally viable products, and then actually iterating on them based on feedback, as well as based on additional features that are identified,” explains Frame. “Low-code platforms help enable and drive that speed to market of these products, which really helps to get value faster.”

Watch the entire interview to hear more about HHS’ journey to embrace low-code applications, and how your agency can accelerate its modernization journey.

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