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How AI-driven network technology can help agencies meet zero trust mandates

Federal IT leaders are on under mounting pressure to meet a suite of mandated zero trust cybersecurity standards and objectives by September 2024. One of the key pillars of that effort focuses on protecting their agencies’ networks.

In a new video for FedScoop, Jon Green, chief technology and security officer for HPE Aruba Networking, discusses how AI-driven network technology can help agencies meet these zero trust mandates.

Green says that while federal agencies typically look at access as it relates zero trust from the application perspective, they also need to look at the network perspective. “Use application-focused zero trust strategies whenever you can,” he says. “But for everything else, the network still provides a powerful layer, particularly in things like, IoT — the Internet of things — devices on the network that don’t necessarily have users behind it.”

Beyond zero trust, Green talks about AI’s role in supporting networking operations. “One of the big areas that AI is really good at, especially machine learning, is picking out small signals within large data sets,” he says.

For example, as federal agencies move toward cloud-hosted network management solutions, AI will be able to analyze their current networking configurations against other government customers to solve network performance issues.

Green also discusses what’s new in AI Ops, along with how the evolution of 5G is impacting the way federal agencies should think about network modernization.

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This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group, for FedScoop, and underwritten by HPE Aruba Networking.