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Public sector’s innovative use cases in analytics, AI and ML

Government and public sector organizations face unique challenges in accomplishing complex missions with limited resources. Fortunately, advances in cloud computing make capabilities like artificial intelligence and machine learning more accessible to the public sector to help them better serve U.S. citizens.

FedScoop recently spoke with experts from AWS and Deloitte to discuss how federal agencies are driving cloud-first strategies to take advantage of AI and ML capabilities.

Raj Kadiyala, global worldwide public sector lead and AI/ML specialist at AWS, highlights several examples of agencies that have leveraged Amazon solutions to enable AI/ML capabilities.

“AWS has a dynamic community of customers and over 100,000 partners across 150 countries,” says Kadiyala, including system integrators, like Deloitte, that are building every imaginable use case on AWS that there is.

Monica McEwen, managing director of strategy and analytics at Deloitte Consulting, explains that in her discussions with clients, she often gets questions about how AI applies to a government mission.  

“They’re a little bit scared of the impact that AI might have. But AI is here. We’re all using it in our consumer lives today and I think there’s an incredible opportunity to drive increased mission effectiveness by leveraging AI,” she explains.

McEwen says Deloitte is focused on helping government agencies build AI fluency and prepare their data to take greater advantage of these capabilities.

She explains that “cloud is really supporting a lot of the requirements coming out of things like the Federal Data Strategy and the executive order on digital transformation in government. And as a result, we’re seeing a lot of government agencies start to think about their cloud strategy at a much more granular level.”

“I think overall what we’re seeing is just this huge acceleration in folks leveraging cloud to migrate their infrastructure,” she says. “And now they’re getting into cloud data modernization, which is, ‘how do we now migrate our legacy applications to a cloud-based environment to enable AI and ML?’”

Listen to the full panel discussion to learn more about leveraging the cloud to harness the power of analytics, automation and AI.

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This video panel discussion was produced by Scoop News Group and FedScoop and underwritten by AWS.