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ThunderCat CTO on enriching AI with a unified data fabric

The volume of data coming into federal agencies makes it increasingly critical for IT leaders to develop more agile data strategies and harness that data using newer artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to better inform their mission.

Several years into the implementation of the Federal Data Strategy agencies such as the Veterans Affairs are making key progress in unifying their data to better access information in their patient files, shares Kurt Steege, Chief Technology Officer at ThunderCat Technology.

Steege joins FedScoop in an exclusive interview — underwritten by ThunderCat Technology and NetApp — to discuss the concept of a data fabric and how federal agencies are overcoming challenges around data access across their enterprise infrastructure.

He also shares best practices on building resiliency into data strategies that can help organizations prepare for any future changes to data requirements.

Listen to the full interview with Kurt Steege and learn more about ThunderCat and NetApp’s partnership to help agencies better harness AI.

This video interview was produced by FedScoop and underwritten by ThunderCat Technology and NetApp.