With 23,000 furlough appeals and counting, MSPB struggles to handle deluge

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It’s safe to say the Merit Systems Protection Board is having a hell of a month. Since the Defense Department’s furloughs began July 8, the agency has been flooded with appeals.

As of Wednesday morning, when we spoke with MSPB General Counsel Bryan Polisuk, MSPB had received 22,827 furlough appeals, but 15,000 of those are yet to be docketed, and are still waiting in the queue. Polisuk estimated roughly 90 percent of all the furloughs were from DOD employees. Only 16 of the cases have been settled.

And the pace of furlough appeals is only quickening.


“In early July, I thought getting 300 appeals in a day was a big deal,” Polisuk said. But over the last week, MSPB has been receiving nearly 1,000 furlough appeals each day.

Listen to the full interview above, and check out the original story: With no end in sight, furlough appeals flood MSPB, raising questions

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