Locatis returns to entrepreneurial roots; partners with Grayling

Locatis, former assistant secretary for cybersecurity and communications at DHS, started Nexusist, a business development-focused consulting company, which announced Thursday a partnership with Grayling to launch the firm’s cybersecurity consulting and advisory services practice.

Locatis, Osborn stepping down from posts

Bobbie Stempfley, who served in that role before Locatis joined the agency, will replace Locatis, the former chief information officer at the Department of Energy, on an interim basis.

Energy CIO Named DHS Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications

Department of Energy Chief Information Officer Michael Locatis will join the Department of Homeland Security as its new Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications at the National Protection and Programs Directorate.

MorningScoop: Duplication and $3.1 Billion

Testimony on the duplicative efforts in IT and a huge amount given to doctors and hospitals for using EHRs.

DOE’s Powerpedia Turns 2

Powerpedia, the Department of Energy’s internal wiki, turned two years old on Friday.

Energy to Create Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center

The Department of Energy is creating a Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center, a collaborative approach to incident response and risk mitigation across the department, wrote DOE Chief Information Officer Michael Locatis in a new blog post on CIO.gov.

Energy CIO: PKI Moving to the Cloud

The Department of Energy will migrate its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) program to the cloud next year following a TechStat review session, CIO Michael Locatis wrote in a new blog post on CIO.gov.

Overview: Six CIOs Give 25 Point Plan Updates

In the past four days, a half dozen CIOs have posted early achievements either on CIO.gov or on their agency web pages.