DOE’s Powerpedia Turns 2


Powerpedia, the Department of Energy’s internal wiki, turned two years old on Friday.

The site lets employees access and contribute to specific articles about what is going on through the department, including 21 national labs and technology centers. It now includes more than 12,000 pages with a collective total of more than 750,000 page vies.


“As part of the effort to centralize the Freedom of Information Act process, several different divisions within Department now use Powerpedia to streamline information flow ­helping FOIA specialists across headquarters better prepare responses that can quickly be reviewed and approved according to the new process,” said DOE Chief Information Officer Michael Locatis.

“This technology has also ushered in a number of 21st century business practices. We’re the first agency in the federal government to use bots, short for ‘robot,’ on our site, which is a script that encourages active collaboration and actually maintains content on Powerpedia. This approach allows us to find and fix broken links, for example, ensuring that our site is robust and up to date.”

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