Overview: Six CIOs Give 25 Point Plan Updates

Just six months ago OMB announced its 25 Point Plan to Reform Federal IT and, to commemorate the anniversary, CIOs from throughout government are providing status updates on their agencies progress.

In the past four days, six CIOs (Energy’s Michael Locatis, HUD’s Jerry Williams, Justice’s Vance Hitch, USDA’s Chris Smith, OPM’s Matthew Perry and NASA OCIO Chief of Staff John Hopkins) have posted early achievements either on or their agency web pages.

You can view notes from the six reports below.



  • Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has moved to a cloud based email and calendar application for over 5,000 users that will save the department an estimated $1.5 million to $2 million over the next five years.
  • One data center has already been closed with another two going offline by the end of the year.
  • The agency held its first departmental TechStat session at the end of March on a consolidated investment to implement a HSPD-12 identity management system.


  • Already conducted 22 TechStat session that have brought improved governance to seven business transformation initiatives.
  • The agency is migrating 13,000 email users to a cloud solution by the end of the year, including a storage area network and additional SharePoint Services.


  • Over the next year, Justice will move three services to the cloud: IT Capital Planning Software, email services at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and more electronic storage for US Attorneys offices.
  • The agency will close two data centers this year.


  • Migrated more than 46,000 employees into the cloud to deliver a robust set of enterprise messaging and collaboration capabilities.
  • Implemented the first fully cloud-based instance of a geospatial portal. This shared services platform offering is designed to rapidly scale for diverse spatial visualization and analysis business needs. USDA recently initiated a progressively different operational approach to delivering Geographic Information Systems (GIS) decision support
  • The department is actively shutting down data centers in more than a dozen locations. It has shut down four data centers this year with 10 more by the end of 2011.
  • Held its first TechStat session on March 24, 2011 focused on government and oversight in the investment of the department enterprise architecture.


  • Has begun moving the majority of web services, including, to cloud-based platforms. The agency is also moving its document management to the cloud to allow employees to share information more efficiently.
  • Held first TechStat session on March 30 where the Health Claims Data Warehouse was evaluated, identifying management and communications issue that would need to be fixed for the program to continue.



  • Held its first Tech Session on March 24 of this year for its Integrated Collaborative Environment, a program that provides a common repository for authoritative data from the Exploration System Mission Directorate. According to the post, the key outcomes included requirements to develop performance metrics, consolidate applications. It also included a discussion of investment opportunities, life-cycle costs and customer usability.
  • The next TechStat will review the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD), a major component of NASA’s IT Infrastructure Integration Program (I3P) which is designed to transform NASA’s IT Infrastructure services.
  • 13 data centers have been closed since February 2010 with one more to be closed by the end of this calendar year. Of the remaining 54 NASA data centers, all but 25 are planned to be closed by 2015.
  • When it comes to the cloud, NASA has been commended for its Nebula Cloud project that was installed before OMB’s cloud-first policy.

Follow the links for highlights from the CIOs at HHS, Homeland Security, Commerce and Veterans Affairs.

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