Anne Rung – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Anne Rung

Office of Federal Procurement Policy

The federal government spends about $430 billion in contracting each year, and Anne Rung is responsible for executing the policy that ensures that money doesn't go to waste.

About $50 billion of that total goes to IT, and as administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Rung has made that one of her top priorities of late.

“The rapid changes in [technology] are driving how we think about buying IT in the federal space," Rung said. “So our biggest challenge is ensuring our workforce is adapting to those rapid changes. In many ways, we're still using processes and approaches that we had three decades ago, but the technologies have rapidly changed."

Always stay flexible.

While Rung has more on her plate than just IT acquisition, her top-level campaigns for driving greater efficiency through category management and spurring innovation with better workforce development and tools apply to the procurement of federal technology.

Rung said it was never her plan to attain one of the most influential roles in federal acquisition. “But one door opened after another, and I was open to it, and I was willing to take on the challenge," she said.

That's the advice she gives to young women pursuing careers in the federal government or elsewhere.

“Always stay flexible," Rung said. “I think a lot of times you think that you're best suited for one particular role or job, and you find that your strengths may lie elsewhere."

And it's that flexibility that ultimately introduced her to a career that aligns with her values.

“I like jobs where I feel like I can do good, where I can make things better," Rung said. “As long as I'm doing that in whatever job I have, I'll feel like I've had a great career."

– Billy Mitchell

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