A case for advanced data analytics

Sponsored Report: Organizations need new ways to unlock the value of their data assets without incurring the expense of building an entire analytics team. Here’s how to get started.

Exploiting analytics capabilities involves an understanding of both the complexity of data and the maturity of processes to analyze data. (Unisys)

For most organizations today, the rapid growth of data that must be managed represents a daunting challenge that is pushing the limits of their existing IT infrastructure.

At the same time, driven by increased use of a wide range of new technologies, the composition of this data is rapidly shifting. Industry analysts estimate that about 80 percent of this new data is unstructured, file-based data that cannot be analyzed using traditional database tools.

To address this big data challenge, organizations need the highly skilled data scientists, the tooling, and the domain expertise to unlock the value of their data assets. Further, organizations require a method to access these resources without incurring the expense of recruiting and building an entire analytics team.

In this 12-page report (below), Unisys provides a concise overview of the issues and approaches surrounding the need for improved data analytics capabilities, including two use cases for consideration.

Unisys provides a comprehensive solution to help organizations address your unique data analytics challenges.

Our Advanced Data Analytics solutions combine a comprehensive array of data analytics
 tooling with enterprise scale, disciplined engineering approaches from Unisys that are tailored to your specific needs. Our solution combines a proven analytics platform with skilled data scientists to partner with you to solve your most challenging analytics problems.


Illustration of agile development principles for deploying analytics capabilities. (Unisys)

Using our proven approach, Unisys experts augment
 and enhance existing IT capabilities to provide analytics over multiple platforms and devices. With our end-to-end data analytics solution, our customers make timelier, well-founded decisions that allow the organization to accelerate success and overcome the big data challenge.

Our unique consumption-based model allows organizations to right-size their analytics projects to meet their
 needs. No longer are effort stymied by lack of skills, technology, or IT infrastructure.

Moreover, customers pay for what they use, not what they may use. This allows for analytics efforts to follow the more natural and agile course of iterative knowledge discovery.

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