Army RFI: Contract Writing Management System

The Army released a request for information for an “out of the box” contract writing management system.

The RFI was sent out by the Army Contracting Command to conduct market research for systems that are already developed and deployed within the Department of Defense or other federal agencies.

Responders shall submit a response as to how their systems adhere to or address the following key system attributes:

  • Adaptability – Ability to adapt to ever changing DoD salutatory and regulatory landscape
  • Accessibility – Capability to operate in low bandwidth or disconnected environments
  • Security – Address out of the box authentication/authorization capabilities and user vs. role based security configurations
  • Interoperability – Methodologies and technologies used to integrate with external systems
  • Deployability – Discuss implementation strategies including installation, training, and data conversion best practices
  • Supportability – Define the Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability requirements for a typical implementation

Sources Sought Notice/Request for Information Army Contract Writing & Management System

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