Dorothy Aronson

Dorothy Aronson continues to be amazed by human beings, especially those in the federal workforce. “This year, when our world turned sideways, the entire federal enterprise proved that we were able to quickly transition to new means of communications and collaboration that might, in the end, have led to us to discover a new, more humane, way of working,” she told FedScoop. She hopes that moving forward, “we continue building a future workplace that puts human needs — like a sense of purpose, belonging, and continuous learning — first. I love to imagine that we stay focused on our migration away from strong centralized headquarters operations to equitable support of the distributed workforce. Imagine the improvements we might see to quality of life when we are no longer commuting hours to and from work, unless we choose to do so. Imagine our ability to bring diversity of thought to the federal enterprise when we can serve the federal government from anywhere across the nation.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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