Dorothy Aronson

“A leader needs Integrity,” Dorothy Aronson, CIO of the National Science Foundation, told FedScoop. “It enables them to honestly appraise and accommodate for their own weaknesses, and to act on ‘the truth’ (whatever that is).” But that’s just the start. Beyond that, she said, “they will need Resilience to deal with the consequences, and not quit. Finally, leaders need Kindness so people trust them to ‘do no harm,’ and can hear, absorb, and align with the leader’s version of ‘the truth.’” Aronson said NSF is “an amazing place” where brilliant science from across the U.S. converges. As such, it’s her “greatest wish to create an IT environment that facilitates this continuous modernization and innovation, and at the same time simplifies customer interaction with NSF.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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