Commerce seeks chief privacy officer and director of open government


The Department of Commerce is looking for a chief privacy officer and director of open government. The job pays between $119,554 and $179,700 and is open for applications until July 6.

From the posting:

The Chief Privacy Officer and Director of Open Government will serve as the senior DOC authority on matters relating to public disclosure of information, advising on privacy issues related to informed consent, disclosure risk, record linkage and data sharing.

The incumbent will advise internal groups and committees tasked with making program and major policy and IT decisions and serves as a core voting member and executive director of the Department’s Privacy Policy Council and chair of its Breach Notification and Response Task Force.

The incumbent will assure that personal information contained in Privacy Act systems of records is handled in full compliance with fair information practices as defined in the Privacy Act of 1974.  Responsible for policy development, administrative regulations, and implementation of programmatic matters related to the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for the Department.

The incumbent will communicate the privacy vision, principles and policies internally and externally.  Evaluate the processing, identify deficiencies, and take necessary steps to rectify or eliminate issues relevant to the privacy related policies, legislation, and regulations.

The incumbent will advocate strategies related to data collection, the use of privacy enhancing technologies, the processing and dissemination of information, and ensure program privacy policies and principles are reflected in all operations.

The incumbent will ensure Departmental policies and procedures are compliant with statutory requirements (e.g., annual Congressional reporting), ensure bureaus’ compliance with Departmental and data protection policies, and continually strive for privacy best practices.

The incumbent will manage and oversee the Department’s FOIA activities and implements the Department’s FOIA policy concerning the development of programs required by the FOIA for public access to Departmental information.  Communicate FOIA policy to the Department bureaus and assist Bureaus in applying FOIA policy to specific situations.

The incumbent will develop and implement the process for receiving, reviewing, commenting, and approving Privacy Impact Assessments in connection with E-Government Act requirements and the Homeland Security Act.

The incumbent will ensure privacy impact assessments are conducted according to proposed rules of the Department on the privacy of information in an identifiable form, including the type of personally identifiable information collected and the number of people affected.

The incumbent will manage the process for reviewing and approving privacy programs as part of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) process and work with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to ensure that the Federal Information Security Management Act’s certification and accreditation process for new and existing systems appropriately addresses privacy related issues.

The incumbent will ensure Commerce employees and contractors receive appropriate training and education programs regarding the information privacy laws, regulations, policies and procedures’ concerning the handling of personal information.

The incumbent will facilitate and negotiate agreements with senior management and establish relationships with partners in private industry and other Federal agencies to foster the development and sharing of privacy related best practices that advance economic growth and international trade efforts.

The incumbent will manage and oversee the Department’s established tasks including implementing and updating as appropriate the Department’s directives system and Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) activities.

The incumbent will promote accountability of the Department related to the Transparency and Open Government Directive to ensure the Departments implementation principals are set forth in the directive.

The incumbent will provide advice and guidance on improving existing and creating new online tools and processes that enhance public and private sector access to Commerce services, including those that increase the understanding of funding opportunities.

David Stegon

Written by David Stegon

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