DHS Seeks CISO Executive Director

The Department of Homeland Security is looking for an executive director for its chief information security office. The job pays between $119,554 and $179,700 per year and is open for applications until June 4.

From the posting:

The Executive Director for the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) is responsible for leading the statutorily mandated information security program under the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002.  The Executive Director for the CISO serves as the senior advisor to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) regarding development, publication, and implementation of Departmental information security policies, standards, and guidance, as well as coordination, integration, training, and enforcement of all aspects of the Department’s Information Security Program.  The Executive Director for the CISO ensures the DHS Information Security Program supports the Department’s implementation of all applicable regulatory requirements.

Major duties include:

  • Oversees, plans and implements the Department-wide security enhancement initiatives and programs; following all applicable laws, directives, policies, and directed action and providing the methodologies, tools, guidance, and subject matter expertise to help ensure Components information security programs can meet federal compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Communicates the information security strategic plan to every Component, and drives the implementation for the Department’s strategic information security management plan, including coordination between all Component information security organizations throughout DHS/CIO.
  • Develops and executes a balanced, robust, and secure information environment for DHS National Security Systems.
  • Utilizes a broad and deep IT knowledge coupled with equivalent knowledge of the activities of those businesses and other organizations that use and exploit IT.
  • Communicates the potential impact of emerging security technologies on organizations as well as individuals and analyzes the risks of using or not using such technologies.
  • Develops guidance for information security priorities within the Department to all Component Chief Information Officers to ensure a common, comprehensive approach to securing the information and resources used to support all Department goals and objectives.
  • Provides leadership and develops theories, practices and strategies for customized solutions that meet customer-specific requirements and deliver business value and is instrumental in ensuring access to enterprise software solutions that meet customer needs.
  • Establishes and maintains a risk management approach that supports the common trust and information environment, while still protecting sources and methods, as well as sensitive information from disclosure.
  • Provides executive-level direction in planning, implementing and evaluating long-range IT activities to support DHS strategic business plans and cross-functional business solutions.

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