DISA releases five-year strategic plan

The Defense Information Systems Agency released its strategic plan for 2013-2018 that lays out the agency’s mission, vision, strategic goals and objectives that will guide its next five years.

“DISA is a combat support agency, and our number one priority is enabling information superiority for the warfighter,” said DISA Director Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins in his director’s intent. “We know we cannot obtain information superiority on our own, but we are proud of the capabilities we bring forward to enable the DoD to reach their goals.”

Based upon recent Department of Defense Strategic Guidance, DISA’s new plan supports DOD’s global efforts and accommodates communications and information sharing network needs for the Joint Force of the future.

The plan also focuses DISA’s goals with DOD’s strategic shift areas of Global Defense Posture; Cyber Command and Control; Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Support; DOD Joint Information Environment; DOD Cloud Services; Mobility Initiatives; Acquisition Agility; and DISA First.


The agency’s target objective state is an enterprise information environment that optimizes the use of the DOD information technology assets by converging communications, computing, and enterprise services into a single joint platform that can be leveraged for all department missions, according to the document.


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