FCC Launches Site to Stop ‘Bill Shock’

The Federal Communications Commission launched a new website to help consumers track wireless carriers implementation of voice, data and text usage alerts.

Called “Bill Shock,” the site is an online tool to help consumers track implementation of recent commitments by wireless carriers to provide usage alerts before and after consumers exceed their plan limits.

Bill shock is a sudden and unexpected increase in monthly wireless bills that happens when consumers’ unknowingly exceeding plan limits for voice, data and text. Bill shock can also happen when consumers travel abroad and get hit with unexpected international roaming charges.

A recent FCC survey found that 30 million Americans, or one in six wireless users, have experienced bill shock.


The new website is available at The Commission will regularly update the tool to reflect each carrier’s progress in providing the bill shock alerts, based on information provided by CTIA-The Wireless Association, and in partnership with Consumers Union.

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