GAO: SBA IT Projects Need Stronger Oversight

The Small Business Administration needs to strengthen oversight of its loan management and accounting system modernization, the Government Accountability Office said in a new report released Wednesday.

GAO found that five of the remaining six LMAS-incremental improvement projects are between four and 11 months later than reported to Congress in 2010 and the projects rose in projected cost a total of $5 million.

GAO recommends that SBA apply the appropriate information technology management practices to the IIPs:

  • IIP requirements are managed appropriately, including elicitation, documentation, and verification and validation;
  • IT risks to the IIPs are adequately managed, including preparing for risk management, identifying and analyzing risks, mitigating risks, and providing executive oversight of risk management activities;
  • the human capital necessary for the IIPs is managed appropriately, including the determination of human capital needs, the identification of gaps between current capabilities and needs, the development of a strategy to close those gaps, and the documentation of these activities; and
  • the enterprise architecture segments related to the IIPs are managed appropriately, including the development, prioritization, and maintenance of the segments.

SBA Needs to Strengthen Oversight of Its Loan Management and Accounting System Modernization

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