HHS launches innovation fellows program


Following the White House’s footsteps, the Department of Health and Human Services will host an Innovation Fellows Program beginning in September to “bring external ideas and expertise into HHS’s own innovation process and rapidly create, develop, engage and accelerate innovation.”

The program will include four to five “Host Innovation Fellows” from within HHS who will couple with 10 to 15 “External Innovation Fellows” for six to 12 months. Fellows will focus on “specific, high-priority” projects that include an electronic infrastructure for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, an electronic tracking and transport system to transport and track organs and “innovative solutions” to natural disaster preparedness and response.

“HHS is interested in candidates who have demonstrated experience of identifying problems and creating or managing organizations,” states HHS in the announcement. “We are looking for individuals with experience in rapid iteration and innovation and are passionate about helping to solve some of our most pressing healthcare problems.”


The Host Innovation Fellows application deadline is July 20. Successful applicants will be notified in August and are expected to begin their fellowships in September.

HHS recently announced Maryland Chief Innovation Officer Bryan Sivak as its new chief technology officer.

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