HP Enterprise Services’ Michael Donovan on innovation

Michael Donovan, chief technologist, HP Enterprise Services

“Let me talk a little bit about the difference between innovation and invention first because I think it really helps kind of set the scene. Invention is what most people think about when they talk about innovation. That’s creating something wholly new, really. Innovation is really the process of trying to figure out how to solve the problems that you have today or the problems that you see coming — in ways that get you there faster. The things that we’re looking at today really revolve around what we call the new style of IT. How do you get information to a user anytime, anywhere? And that’s a lot to do with the intersection of cloud computing, security, big data and mobility. So what we do is we spend a lot of time looking at the day-to-day problems and the day-to-day kinds of things people do in order to do their jobs, and look at how to make it available when somebody is at a FedScoop event, or somebody is in the car not texting while they’re driving and those kinds of things.”

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