Intel Announces Launch of Intel Federal LLC

Intel announced the creation of a new subsidiary today, Intel Federal LLC, which focuses on opportunities within the U.S. federal government.

“The formation of this subsidiary shows how committed Intel is to supporting the federal government’s mission going forward,” Intel Director of Federal Marketing Nigel Ballard told FedScoop in an exclusive interview.

Intel Federal will initially focus on the high performance-computing segment, including exascale computing with the Department of Energy and other agencies. Over time, the company may branch out with other service offerings to the government.

Dave Patterson, former CEO of Siemens Government Services, is leading Intel Federal, which is opening an office in Washington D.C., as well as California and Oregon.


The creation of Intel Federal provides Intel with a dedicated entity to fulfill the requirements for working with the federal government, as well as leadership by an experienced federal sales executive. Intel Federal will also enable closer cooperation on projects with OEM’s.

“Intel’s Xeon processor is the processor of choice for the federal government, powering a great number of traditional as well as cloud-based data centers. High-performance computing is Intel’s bread and butter,” Ballard said.

As a subsidiary, the new company will have access to the resources of the Intel Corporation as needed.

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