Leveraging cloud-based print management solutions

A new report explores the advantages of FedRAMP-authorized secure print management in today's evolving landscape.

Over sixty percent of IT decision-makers reported at least one data loss in the last 12 months due to a print-related breach. According to recent research from Quocira, although some breaches may be attributed to human errors, such as printouts left in the output tray, they are a stark reminder of the potential dangers of printer vulnerabilities.

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In light of persistent data breach risks, a new report, “Empowering print management in government digital transformation,” produced by Scoop News Group and underwritten by Canon, says agencies must prioritize robust print management solutions that not only mitigate print security risks but also enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of print-related processes.

Furthermore, cloud-based print management solutions are becoming more popular as organizations look for ways to:

  • Reduce paper consumption: Print management solutions can track user printing behavior, identify double printing opportunities, and offer mobile printing options to reduce paper usage.
  • Streamline workflows: Automating print workflows can free up staff for more critical tasks.
  • Improve security: By monitoring and controlling printer access, these solutions safeguard sensitive government data.

The report emphasizes how Canon’s solutions offer FedRAMP authorization, which ensures government-approved security features for cloud-based print management. They empower government entities to securely move their print management systems to the cloud while providing real-time asset tracking, automatic supply replenishment and historical performance data.

Moreover, its secure print and scan services are compatible with CAC/PIV cards, allowing employees to release secure prints on authorized devices.

Read the report to learn more about cloud printing solutions that offer centralized management, streamlining the process for IT teams to oversee, control and sustain their fleet of devices.

This article was produced by Scoop News Group, for FedScoop and StateScoop and sponsored by Canon USA.

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