Making your phone photos look like wall art: There’s an app for that!

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2014_02_waterlogue1 The Waterlogue app transformers iPhone snapshots into water color art. (Photo: Waterlogue)

You’ve always known the 37 sleeping puppy snapshots and the 12 photos of last night’s dinner on your phone’s camera roll were art. With the new Waterlogue app, everyone else can finally see that your daily life is truly a masterpiece.

Waterlogue is a new photo app that transforms pictures into watercolor sketches that look like real paintings. Don’t worry if you can’t tell a Georgia O’Keefe from a George Inness. The user-friendly app provides preset choices on painting styles with a variety of ways to customize images.


“The idea behind Waterlogue is that we wanted non-artists to be able to see the world as an artist might—to give people access to a creative tool that doesn’t require any training,” says app developer John Balestrieri.

The app is quickly becoming popular among phone photographers and home décor enthusiasts who print out Waterlogue creations for wall art.

Waterlogue is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and downloads for $3.99.

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