‘Contagion’ at your fingertips with updated CDC app

Who knew solving disease outbreaks could be fun?

With the latest update to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s iPad app, Solve the Outbreak, epidemiology enthusiasts and public-health nerds now have access to three more outbreaks — as well as new sound effects, achievements and levels.

The app turns users into disease-outbreak detectives, and puts them in the shoes of a member of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, giving insight into the work of these real-life elite medical detectives.

In this interactive game, players earns points and badges by solving outbreak cases, working their way up from the trainee position to the ultimate, most coveted level of the game — the disease detective.


CDC announced the new game update today, via tweet.

As enjoyable as it may be to solve disease outbreaks, the app has more than simple entertainment value. Users may learn about different diseases and types of outbreak, use critical thinking strategies, and see how CDC disease detectives save lives every day.

The app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes Store.

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