NSA’s Neal Ziring on evolving cyber threats

Neal Ziring, technical director, information assurance directorate, National Security Agency, discusses evolving cyber threats in this interview with FedScoopTV.


There are a lot of real threats out there, and for my part of NSA, we’re not just concerned about the threats facing our agency; we have a role under NSD 42 to assist with really all national security systems and oversee the safeguarding of all of them. We have to look at the very broad spectrum, so I’m going to hit on some big themes in terms of what threats are changing today and how they’re evolving. The very notion of saying “what’s the biggest threat” is important, but we have to think about the fact that the threats are constantly changing. The biggest threat is really the fact that the threat never stays constant. As specific areas: the first one is with which the speed all attackers are operating. Whichever malware they’re using or tradecraft they’re using, all of our threat actors are accelerating their operations.

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