Promoting Efficiency at Treasury

Dan Tangherlini, Assistant Secretary for Management, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Performance Officer, and Director of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization at the Department of the Treasury, highlighted steps the agency has taken the past three years to be more effective and efficient in a new blog post.

He highlighted the following initiatives:

  • Eliminating paper benefit checks and saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, while at the same time improving service to recipients and reducing the risk of loss or fraud.
  • Eliminating paper savings bonds and moving all retail purchases over to the safer, more cost effective Treasury Direct program.
  • Halting production of the Presidential Dollar Coin for circulation, saving $50 million while recognizing that 1.4 billion surplus coins in inventory is more than enough to meet circulating demand.
  • Consolidating the Office of Thrift Supervision into the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, enhancing bank and thrift supervision.
  • Saving hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money by shrinking office space, increasing energy efficiency, reducing fleet sizes, closing unnecessary offices and many, many more smart savings ideas that recognize the value of the resource we are working with: taxpayer dollars.

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