Report: 2010 census on time, under budget and accurate

The 2010 Census was delivered on time, under budget and extremely accurate, according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

“I am proud of the extraordinary accomplishment by the Census Bureau and the Commerce Department in its success with the massive 2010 Decennial Census effort that gathered data vital to understanding our nation’s population and to allocating equal representation in our democratic system,” said Commerce Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank.

The data released are from a post-enumeration survey of the 2010 Census called the Census Coverage Measurement program, which measures the accuracy of the coverage of the nation’s household population (excluding the 8.0 million people in “group quarters,” such as nursing homes or college dorms).

It surveys a sample of 300.7 million people living in housing units and then matches the responses to the census.


The results found that the 2010 Census had a very small net overcount, just 0.01 percent, which is statistically virtually the same as zero, and a significant improvement over the 0.49 percent overcount in 2000 and 1.61 percent undercount in 1990.

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