Symantec’s Jennifer Nowell on cyber threats

Jennifer Nowell, director, federal healthcare and government solutions, Americas public sector, Symantec, discusses cyber threats in government in this interview with FedScoopTV.


“Well, I think that as we look at one of the reports that we recently put out, I’m not sure if you’re familiar, but we have something called the Internet Security Threat Report. We put that out every year, and it really is a combination of all of the intelligence and knowledge that we have. Really, it’s a compilation of over 69 million threat network sensors that we have as well as 147 countries and territories. So I’ll kind of look to that report to talk about that. This year, we put out a government version of that report and what’s interesting is that, you know, we have the same concerns in government that we do in private industry. We’re always going to be concerned about hacktivism, malware threats, our data getting stolen, but I think when we look at government, the things that are a little bit different, that we really haven’t spent a lot of time focusing on, because we’ve been busy trying to just get our technologies up to date and move from legacy systems to more current systems and all the traditional things that we need to do, one area is mobile. That is kind of an interesting area because while we’ve seen an increase in mobile malware by 58 percent, the vulnerabilities for those operating systems is only 30 percent.”

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