The FedFiles: Best of ’11, DOD Holiday Messages and ‘Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web’

All this week on FedScoop we’ll be looking back at 2011 as we try to encapsulate what happened in the federal IT space the past 12 months. Yesterday, we took a look at some of our favorite interviews from FedScoop Radio along with some of the most profound advice shared on FedMentors. We’ll continue with some other topics later today and tomorrow (sorry, no spoilers), before we head out for the break. So even while we’re being vague with our upcoming topics, we still want to hear from you: What stood out for you in 2011?

Some holiday messages across DOD from the Secretary of Defense, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Navy Surgeon General and the Screaming Eagles …

Holiday tips from GSA

USPTO Commissioner says farewell


FCC’s got a new CTO

TSA shows off some of the dangerous stuff people tried to get on an airplane. A flash grenade? Seriously? …

The last military convoy leaves Iraq in this DoD photo gallery …

Steven VanRoekel Addresses Industry


Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web

Learning Registry launch with a cameo from Aneesh

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