Threat Matrix — Episode 17 (Video): The secret history of CIA spy gadgets

Editor’s Note:

In 2009, I had the good fortune of meeting and interviewing, at length, Robert Wallace, the former director of the CIA’s technical service. For those who might be wondering what the agency’s technical service is, it’s the real-world “Q” from the world of James Bond movies. CIA’s technical service is responsible for developing and designing all of the gadgets that spies use to communicate, record information and conceal their true identities.

In this video episode of Threat Matrix, I talk to Wallace briefly about the CIA’s history using secret high-tech gadgets. But Wallace also breaks out his traveling museum of CIA spying artifacts for a live demo. Everything from the famous Minox camera to tiny code books that were hidden inside of dead rats — it’s all on display in this episode of Threat Matrix.

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